After the Big Bang, matter and antimatter were produced in equal quantities; however only matter now remains in the Universe. A new concept based on the use of a 5 MW beam from a proton linear accelerator has been proposed for the experimental detection of an asymmetry between neutrinos and antineutrinos, implying leptonic Charge-Parity (CP) Violation, with the aim to elucidate this major cosmological problem.

The two major goals of EuroNuNet are to aggregate the community of neutrino physics in Europe to study this concept in a spirit of inclusiveness and to impact the priority list of High Energy Physics policy makers and of funding agencies to this new approach to the experimental discovery of leptonic CP violation.This COST Action is to study the possibility of producing a uniquely intense neutrino beam from a 5 MW proton beam generated with a linear, as opposed to circular, accelerator and to direct this neutrino beam to a Megaton size underground water Cherenkov neutrino detector.

The outstanding potential of this infrastructure stems from the uniquely high power of the linear accelerator that allows positioning the detector at the second neutrino oscillation maximum, located at some 500 km from the accelerator and neutrino target, where the sensitivity to the CP violation signal is about three times higher as compared to at the first oscillation maximum, where other experiments are planning to measure.

The study of this facility will build upon the further exploitation of the experience gained in the EU FP7 Design-Studies EUROnu and LAGUNA-LBNO.


    Two short videos explaining the ESS Neutrino Super Beam project (ESSnuSB) were published on YouTube the 28/09/2020.

    • The first one oriented towards the scientific community (here) was financially supported by the COST Action EuroNuNet and the European Union..
    • The second one towards the general public (here) was supported by the European Union.

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